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Gawdl3y No Longer MIA

2009-10-03 16:35:34 by Gawdl3y

So... I haven't been on NeoGeo in a while, because I've been busy with a crap load of other stuffs... That, and i forgot about it for a while. >.<
However, I've rediscovered the awesomeness that is Newgrounds, and, as the title says, I am no longer Missing In Action. w00t!

In other news, I changed my icon. Some may recognize it from somewhere...

I am a part of two beta games on my PS3: MAG and Uncharted 2
I <3 MAG very much, but if Uncharted 2 doesn't change much by the time it's finished and released, there's no way I'm getting it, because the multiplayer part of it is the worst mess of unbalanced stuffs I have ever seen/played.

The website that I help run, DubHappy, is a huge success. Check it out! :D

So, yeah. Hope to see you all around again!

Gawdl3y No Longer MIA

Thank God for!

2008-09-25 21:37:10 by Gawdl3y

Like the title says, Thank God for NewGrounds! I was getting horrendously bored on YouTube, and needed a new place to retreat for the day on the web, not in a game. It seems that I've found it.
NewGrounds has EVERYTHING that YouTube has, and more. =P


In other news, I need to make up a bunch of homework for US History in school, because I haven't done any homework whatsoever yet this year, except a single project. Homework is gay. So If I appear to go missing, that's why. =P

Seeya, all! =D

Thank God for!